Sunday, July 10, 2016

Photos of Dugdemona Summer Festival booth

Here's some pictures.
bracelets, pendants, copper, silver, crowns, circlets, earrings, hairpins, bangles

beaded bracelets, pendants on rattail cord, woven copper wire bracelets
pendants on rattail, macrame bracelts, beaded glass bottles, crystal

beaded necklaces, copper necklaces, one of a kind necklaces

pendants, semi precious stones, woven wire, wire work

close up of necklaces
Here's a few gift items I made.
hair bows, makeup clothes, notebooks, chalk boards
Hair bows, cotton reusable makeup clothes,
recycled paper drawing notebooks, small chalk boards

paperclips, book marks, chalk boards on copper stands.
Chalkboards on handmade copper stands, and bookmarks for the notebooks

If there is any item you are interested in, email me and I'll check to see if I still have it.