Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Cinderella’s Pumpkin Carriage Tutorial part 2

Here goes nothing.

I got to this point and had intended on molding the bracelet around of a mandrel at that point. But it just cried out for some embellishing since it was “Cinderella’s Pumpkin Carriage”. I mean, what type of carriage was only copper colored?

Remember, I started with componenets

wire-wrapped them together
 This is where my problem started. I had some silver plate copper 26 gauge round wire, small silver beads, and some blue/purple (depends on the light) cubic beads.
Hmmmmmm. Looks like I could use viking weave in the center to make the beginnings of the carriage body. When I did decide to embellish it, I went all the way.
So here is the carriage body

Viking weave with silver beads placed in the loops
Side view. Yes, it sticks outward. Convex shaped
If that wasn't enough, I began thinking about the way a pumpkin has little tendrils that curl like springs, and hey, my carriage needed tendrils.

Tendrils and wrapped silver colored wire right side

This is how I added the tendrils. I wrapped the 26 g around a piece of 12 gauge copper wire

right side complete

Left side. Pretty!

This is what it looks from the inside

finished--sorry for the poor picture, I didn't have a good light source and it was raining

~22 cm long, just right for my wrist

close up of the carriage weave

I'm  so proud of my work.
So what's the problem?
Now that it's completely assembled,I'm in a quandary about finishing it into a bracelet. It's too pretty to bend, but it's too big for a necklace component.

So people--I'm asking for a consensus. Should I finish it as originally planned--a bracelet? or as something else?

By the way, this part 2 came out better didn't it?