Thursday, September 24, 2015

Hmmm am I a no-reply blogger?

I think I've fixed it. I followed the directions at this site Fluster Buster

So, craft room cleanup and organization.

I'm about halfway through. I started back at the beginning of August, worked 2 days, long enough to make a huge mess in my dining room, then promptly caught the WORSE (put me to bed for days, and huge headache that wouldn't quit) sinus infection of my usual ministrations didn't even touch it. I was so sick that after about 10 days I finally went to the doctor. (For those who know me...I NEVER go to the doctor.) Well suffice it to say, even with the antibiotic, I was sick for over a month, and am now only just feeling better. Every time I felt slightly better, I would work a little bit on my room or the mess in our dining room (tiny bit), and I would be sick again. ugh.

My poor family has been quite supportive and long-suffering. What a mess. My hubby helped me over the weekend, and I feel like my head's above water now.

Sorry no pictures, I'm too ashamed for the world to see the mess. Perhaps when my room is presentable. I'm hoping to finish in a few days.