Sunday, July 10, 2016

Photos of Dugdemona Summer Festival booth

Here's some pictures.
bracelets, pendants, copper, silver, crowns, circlets, earrings, hairpins, bangles

beaded bracelets, pendants on rattail cord, woven copper wire bracelets
pendants on rattail, macrame bracelts, beaded glass bottles, crystal

beaded necklaces, copper necklaces, one of a kind necklaces

pendants, semi precious stones, woven wire, wire work

close up of necklaces
Here's a few gift items I made.
hair bows, makeup clothes, notebooks, chalk boards
Hair bows, cotton reusable makeup clothes,
recycled paper drawing notebooks, small chalk boards

paperclips, book marks, chalk boards on copper stands.
Chalkboards on handmade copper stands, and bookmarks for the notebooks

If there is any item you are interested in, email me and I'll check to see if I still have it.

Dugdemona Summer Festival Yesterday

My hubby, daughter and I set up yesterday in the heat. It's the 1st annual Festival in downtown Winnfield, La. And it was full of all types of vendors and live music. There were even some great activities for kids.
Here's my booth. 
In the heat. I think I melted. 
The rest was fun.
booth, Winnfield, Louisiana, handcrafted jewelry, July
Booth #15 Yup that's me and Hubby.
Setup at 8:30 am, but I think that I could have been there earlier. Good ol' lot 15. I was supposed to be at #14, but I didn't know it then (2 days earlier, I was told 15, so I began setting up there). The staff were busy with others, so I took initiative and began. About 1/2 way through the process, one of the people in charge, came by and I learned of my mistake, but no foul, she let me continue and just moved whoever was supposed to be where I planted myself. All of the staff I spoke to were very nice and courteous. Next year will be better now that the kinks have been worked out. Hopefully 400 degree weather will not be on the schedule. Maybe it wasn't 400 degrees, maybe I'm exaggerating, it was more like 250. Ha. 

I had many folks check out my handcrafted items, and they loved how beautiful the pieces were. I felt quite encouraged. My friends and family always said my creations were pretty, unique, beautiful, and awesome, but they have to say that don't they? I had a big glass pink "diamond" (you know, the kind Hobby Lobby sells) that more kids asked if it were real or not. I was quite amused. I'm going to post some close up photos of the stuff as soon as I can get the pictures to this computer. 

If anyone is interest in an item they see, email me with "Booth item" as part of the subject line, and I'll see if I have it still. Loved visiting with the people, and eating the food. Hated the extreme temps although we were blessed with a steady breeze all day. 

BTW question: Does anyone have a suggestion for making weights for my tent? My dear hubby searched all the stores we could think of between here and Lafayette, La. and even had my brother-in-law look too. Any help appreciated. Thanks a bunch. Sheryl

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Hmmm am I a no-reply blogger?

I think I've fixed it. I followed the directions at this site Fluster Buster

So, craft room cleanup and organization.

I'm about halfway through. I started back at the beginning of August, worked 2 days, long enough to make a huge mess in my dining room, then promptly caught the WORSE (put me to bed for days, and huge headache that wouldn't quit) sinus infection of my usual ministrations didn't even touch it. I was so sick that after about 10 days I finally went to the doctor. (For those who know me...I NEVER go to the doctor.) Well suffice it to say, even with the antibiotic, I was sick for over a month, and am now only just feeling better. Every time I felt slightly better, I would work a little bit on my room or the mess in our dining room (tiny bit), and I would be sick again. ugh.

My poor family has been quite supportive and long-suffering. What a mess. My hubby helped me over the weekend, and I feel like my head's above water now.

Sorry no pictures, I'm too ashamed for the world to see the mess. Perhaps when my room is presentable. I'm hoping to finish in a few days.


Friday, November 15, 2013

Knots, swirls, squiggles, and tangles

So I've been looking at nautical knots, zentangles and other spirally, squiggly drawings and things. I really want to include them in my jewelry making. We'll see. Its been a while since I was here last. Sorry for the long delay. I'll try to upload a picture or two of what I've been working on.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Glass blobs pictures. Guess I forgot them a while back


backside of another

newest necklace

guess what that silver band is

coiling--1st try. bracelet

earrings to match

front side

front side of another

very large pendant

1st very large pendant I made

nautilus shell ring

silver colored beads along shell, moonstone in center

side view basket weave

I had this piece of left over copper, and just messed around until
this developed

shooting star

clear glass large blob with viking weave
So, what do you think?

Cinderella’s Pumpkin Carriage Tutorial part 2

Here goes nothing.

I got to this point and had intended on molding the bracelet around of a mandrel at that point. But it just cried out for some embellishing since it was “Cinderella’s Pumpkin Carriage”. I mean, what type of carriage was only copper colored?

Remember, I started with componenets

wire-wrapped them together
 This is where my problem started. I had some silver plate copper 26 gauge round wire, small silver beads, and some blue/purple (depends on the light) cubic beads.
Hmmmmmm. Looks like I could use viking weave in the center to make the beginnings of the carriage body. When I did decide to embellish it, I went all the way.
So here is the carriage body

Viking weave with silver beads placed in the loops
Side view. Yes, it sticks outward. Convex shaped
If that wasn't enough, I began thinking about the way a pumpkin has little tendrils that curl like springs, and hey, my carriage needed tendrils.

Tendrils and wrapped silver colored wire right side

This is how I added the tendrils. I wrapped the 26 g around a piece of 12 gauge copper wire

right side complete

Left side. Pretty!

This is what it looks from the inside

finished--sorry for the poor picture, I didn't have a good light source and it was raining

~22 cm long, just right for my wrist

close up of the carriage weave

I'm  so proud of my work.
So what's the problem?
Now that it's completely assembled,I'm in a quandary about finishing it into a bracelet. It's too pretty to bend, but it's too big for a necklace component.

So people--I'm asking for a consensus. Should I finish it as originally planned--a bracelet? or as something else?

By the way, this part 2 came out better didn't it?