Thursday, November 15, 2012

Ok, so I finally took pictures of my wire jewelry.

I'm so glad I waited until now. Some of my earlier pieces that I thought were pretty decent, under the unforgiving camera lens showed many errors I didn't see with my naked eye. I think if I had taken the pictures back when I completed them, I would have gotten discouraged and perhaps stopped trying. Now I can see growth in my abilities. So here are a few early copper wire wrapped stone pendants.

This is viking weave on the backside of the one pictured below.

I was so proud of this one. It's a mess.

At least my weave is better now.

blue stone. not sure what kind

I was so happy with how this came out.

This is my latest trial of wire wrapping. This one I like.
So at least my photo skills are coming along.

Peace to all,